Anatomy of the Mind

Anatomy of the Mind

 About the Workshop


Anatomy of the Mind is a 3-evening workshop that covers spiritual and metaphysical concepts and deploys experiential exercises that helps participants understand the make up of the Mind, its connection to Consciousness, and the levels of awareness it operates from.

It also discusses in depth the highly misunderstood role of the Ego, the personas through which it reveals itself, how these personas can take over without one’s awareness and become dysfunctional, impacting his or her life and relationships negatively.

The workshop will also cover the process that one needs to follow to master this inner dialogue and fully utilize the mind’s energy in creating the reality one truly wants.




  • Presentation of Metaphysical and Spiritual frameworks
  • Contemplative conversations
  • Experiential learning exercises (Art, Role Modeling, etc)
  • Processing limiting beliefs and emotions that surface during the procedss


Outcomes & Takeaways


  • Understanding the dynamics of the mind and its largely unknown ways of processing life experiences
  • Getting a deeper more balanced understanding of the Ego and its dual function.
  • The ability to identify and process the voices or personas the surface in the mind as opposed to being taken over by them and losing one’s anchor.
  • Learning the mind’s 3 levels of awareness about all human experiences, and their importance for a healthy and joyful life
  • Discovering the content of one’s mind and drawing the psychic map
  • Learning how to process life experiences fully to avoid mental and emotional residue that could hinder happiness and peace.


As Part of Self-Mastery


Anatomy of the Mind is the foundation course of the Self-Mastery Project designed and facilitated by Usha to help participants walk on the path to their personal power through a comprehensive curriculum of Mind, Soul, Energy, and Body work.



3 Evenings on three consecutive days



Certified Behavioral Analyst – Proception 2 – DISC, Transactional Analyst, and Gestalt Therapist

Full Profile


Just Be Holistic Center – Jumeira
3-5 Feb 2020
5:00 - 9:00 pm
Energy Exchange: AED 1200

Eligible for 40% discount if part of Self-Mastery Project I package