Self-Mastery Project II – 2023/2024

Self-Mastery Project II – 2023/2024

Committing to the Practice.. Becoming a Healing Presence...

This program is only open for Self-Mastery Project I graduates. So if you are not a graduate, please check out our Self-Mastery Project I program page so that you can begin your journey towards your inner power and divine potential with Usha in 2023/2024. You are welcome to join this program once you have completed Project I.

If you have completed Project 1 with Usha already, then we thank you for your interest in deepening your inward journey by exploring this program in 2023/2024. Self-Mastery Project II is taking your learnings from Project I to the next level so that you can engage with all parts of the mind as a second nature, through:

  • More than 600 hours of engagement with Usha
  • Over 18 months
  • Specialized training in intuitive healing & coaching
  • Extensive experiential learning and healing through sustained group Process Work & Metaphysical Studies
  • A 100-Hour Yoga Training for Self-Practice component


How to Join?

Click below to fill the form below as an expression of interest, and one of our team members will get back to you with full details of the program, the modules, calendar, energy exchange, and application steps.