Healing Session with Usha

Healing Session with Usha

What is Healing to Usha?


It is Usha’s belief that in a physical sense, the most prominent difference between feeling well and feeling ill is the constriction in the area of the chest (referring to psychological issues). There are two words in Sanskrit that would help illustrate this idea: Wellness – sukha (expansion) and Illness – dukkha (closing in).


From Usha’s perspective, healing means that she will help you get into those places that are constricted and locked down, holding memories and emotions that are causing you to close in. This is significant because when you close in, you are unwell.


What Happens During the Session?


Usha takes her client through a process of going to the cause, processing it, and releasing it out of the system so that the client can expand again.


This process can involve several techniques that Usha takes a call on based on the situation. She might choose to use any of them or whatever emerges as most appropriate for that expansion to happen


Essentially, to Usha, healing means expansion of the self and release of the material or content of the mind that is causing constriction.



An experienced facilitator of a rich variety of healing and therapy techniques

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February 2023

By Appointment

1-2 hours
Energy Exchange: AED 600