Self-Mastery Project I – 2020/2021

Self-Mastery Project I – 2020/2021

Walking on the path to personal power

Are you dealing with “sticky” inner blocks that have hindered your success and joy despite your best efforts? 

Do you feel a heavy weight inside that you know is slowing you down from soaring high and “becoming” your highest potential?

Have you accumulated a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about yourself, your soul, and life that for some reason seem to remain “up there” in the mind rather than “in here”, in the body and in daily life?


If you resonate with these questions, the Self-Mastery Project I in Dubai is THE program for you.


The Self-Mastery Project is a tangibly transformative process that entails a combination of mind work, body work, soul work, and energy work for 12-15 months with the same lead facilitator, Master Usha. It is a process of deep inner work combining the disciplines of psychology, spiritual science & metaphysics, energy healing and authentic yoga to systematically work through the challenges above and many more at all levels of one’s being.


A combination of 12 carefully designed and tested workshops, seminars and retreats supported by a full-year program of yoga practice, included in one package, all of which were put together by Master Usha based on over 20 years of personal studies, healing and therapy practice and observation of “what actually works” when it comes to inner work and spiritual self-empowerment. The program has been running in India and Dubai for the past 5 years with astonishing results (See Testimonials below).


The program is designed as a 12-15 month engagement within a closed group with the same facilitator so that participants can benefit from a deeply rewarding sense of continuity, sustained focus, a community of fellow travelers on the same path, close personalized support from the facilitator, and a great package rate honoring participant’s trust and commitment to the process that is equivalent to 40% reduction on all components of the program.


Currently, a group of 13 participants have gathered and started walking this path to their personal power with Usha. Their journey will come to completion around April/May 2021. At that point, the door will be open for another group to register and walk the Self-Mastery path for 2021/2022.


The program lay-out is as follows:

  • The introductory module will be rolled out in February 2020 (3-6 Feb): the group gets together, participants get acquainted, and they study about the dynamics and layers of the Mind that they will be working with throughout the year. They will also meet the Yoga instructor to understand significance and nature of the yoga component. The group will also agree on a suitable timetable for all the modules, and set the intentions for the upcoming year, .
  • Roll-out of Program components: Once the Self-Mastery group is formed and closed, the remaining 11 seminars, workshops and retreats will unfold as per agreed schedule covering all the fundamental areas of inner work and psycho-spiritual growth including Metaphysics Studies, Energy Field Work, Mind Process Work,  and Soul-Level Dynamics,
  • Weekly Yoga Practice: The Yoga instructor, following the authentic tradition of Krishnamacharaya, guides the group weekly through asana, pranayama, and meditation practice that is designed to complement the work done in the other components of the program.
  • Year-Round Support: In addition to Yoga and Face to face learning, participants will benefit from a Self-Mastery Whatsapp group that acts as a virtual group space for support and discussion year-round. They will also benefit from 6 mandatory coaching calls/session with Usha to process any emotions or thoughts that come up for them during the program, as well as online group calls for follow up and discussions, all inclusive in the package value.
  • A continuous development path: Once a participant completes this project and has carried out the prescribed out-of-class personal practice, they would have done enough deep inner work on themselves for them to consider that they have completed Level 1 of their journey towards Self-Mastery, and are eligible to join Self-Mastery Project II, which will take them to the next level of Self-Mastery and so on.
  • A Tried and Tested Approach: This is not a hypothetical framework. It is based on our past experience with participants who have reported significant shifts in their awareness and personality every-time they have completed this much work on the self. See testimonials at the bottom of this page.
  • A Diverse and Comprehensive Approach: The project is based on face-to-face interactions by way of teaching, training, mentoring, coaching, and self-studies. Personal assignments in the areas of body, mind and spirit are also given, all mounting to more than 500 hours of inner work.

Self-mastery is essentially power to work with one’s mind…

  • power to dismantle self-defeating habits
  • power to create new self-affirming habits
  • power to overrule the clamoring of the dysfunctional aspects of the ego and listen to the voice of the heart or deeper self.


Obviously, the path to reaching these objectives is a very challenging one, that’s why it is best pursued as a collaborative effort combining the energies of like-minded individuals who are all equally invested in the endeavor, binding one another in a commitment to the process. Thus, the advantage of a 12-15 month program with an intimate group of study-mates.

Meanwhile, self-mastery as a path has no end. There is no finish line, where anyone would reach and say: “I am a Self-Master. I have mastered my Self and I am done.” However, in this project we have combined a wide range of deeply transformative programs that address every level of one’s being in an effort to first encounter the Self, then work systematically on restoring balance and harmony.

The purpose is to anchor the Self in a place of power in one’s life, and hence the slogan “Walking on the Path to Personal Power”.

Each of these modules expands the awareness and consciousness of its participants, and the more work they do, the higher their “response-ability” in their lives, and the lower their self-abandonment.

The basic premise is that the better you know yourself, the greater agency you will have in your own life.

The program is rolled out throughout the year with workshops happening approximately once every month or two. This allows time for the energies to settle and a chance for reflection and application of acquired skills and concepts.


Seminar/ Workshop Description Tentative Dates Credits
Anatomy of the Mind – Practical Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here? What is the best that I can be?

What are the layers of the mind? How does it relate to the soul? What’s the role of the Ego in this equation? How do I master the inner dialogue in my mind?

How do I process the content that I discover in my mind? Read More

3 half days 3-5 February 2020 15 Credits
Yoga Practice Introduction A 2-hour interactive session with the Yoga Instructor who will accompany the group for the duration of a full year, to deliver the Body Work component of the Self-Mastery program. Weekly classes, with personalized work and lifestyle plans for each participant based on the Krishnamacharay school of yoga.  6 February 2020 No Credits
Energy Work – Part 1 Principles and history of Energy Healing;

5 layers of the human energy field “aura;”

Introduction to Chakras;

Receive attunement read more

Full Day 21 Feb 2020 10 Credits
Energy Work – Part 2 Receive second attunement;

Meaning and significance of invoking and using the life force energy;

Cleansing the aura and chakras;

Distance healing training. read more

 Full day 6 March 2020 10 Credits
Relationships: The Crucial Game A 2-day seminar to learn concepts and skills, both spiritual and psychological, which are fundamental to building a healthy relationship with yourself as well as the significant people in your life. read more 3 Evenings 7-9 April 2020 20 Credits
Critical Conversations: Social Intelligence Social intelligence built on fundamentals of Transactional Analysis;

How to conduct critical conversations when the stakes are high and the emotional charge is very intense;

The art of deep listening;

Authentic speaking;

Arriving at a mutually beneficial effective communication.

2 Full days 10-11 April 2020 20 Credits
Eternal Validity of the Soul A 2-day Exploration of the metaphysical dimensions of one’s identity and Nature of personal reality

– to bridge the gap between a limited view of the self and the true Self

– to create a reality in keeping with one’s highest potential. read more

2 Full days 5-6 June 2020 20 Credits
EUM-I Self Awareness Workshop Experiential exploration and mapping of the identity and personality;

A holistic approach exploring psychological location as well as relationships to larger contexts, future directions and inner obstacles;

Online assessment completed 2 weeks in advance;

A personalized report for discussion and insights during one or more of the coaching sessions included in the Self-Mastery package. read more

 1 Full day TBD August 2020 15 Credits
Chakras: The Human Energy Field A 6-day retreat to understand the nature of the micro universes that exist within the self;

the range available within each;

what it means to be healthy in each;

how they interact with one another and impact the self;

how to unblock and energize them for a better life experience. read more

6 Days TBD in October 2020 60 Credits
Human Process Lab: Shadows A 4-day experiential learning process to become aware of behavior patterns of self and others around the theme of ‘Shadows,’ guaranteed to help improve effectiveness and satisfaction in interpersonal interactions. read more 5 Days TBD in December 2020 50 Credits
Energy Work – Part 3 A 1-Day workshop to receive attunement for the higher vibrations of the life force energy, and learning intent-based meditation and breathing. 2 Half Days TBD in December 2020 10 Credits
Enneagram A 3-day workshop using the frame-work of the Enneagram that looks at personality types as nine distinct aspects of human nature. This exploration is to enhance self-understanding, overcome negative patterns, strengthen relationships, and enable our greatest potential to emerge into fruition. 3 Full days TBD Feb 2021 30 Credits
Energy Mastership A 7-Day retreat that will complete the rising of students’ energies through very powerful meditations and the mastership attunement. Students interested to become teachers of energy work will be trained to be that. 7 Days – TBD in March 2021 70 Credits
Presentation of Personal Project For participants who opt for the full-year engagement, there will be a project that each student from the group will select from his/her own context at the start of the program and will work with throughout the year by applying everything they learn in real time.
A tangible definable goal will be set in the beginning in the area that they want to advance in their life. Upon graduation, students will share where they were at the start? Where they wanted to reach? And the progress they have actually made by applying what they learnt.
TBD March 2021 No Credits


In addition to the face-to-face study dates outlined above, participants will also be offered 2 sessions of yoga and meditation weekly as a mandatory practice  by an excellent instructor following the authentic Krishnamacharya tradition of yoga, amounting to a minimum of of 104 hours by the end of the program. This kind of sustained yoga practice offers tremendous opportunities for self-knowledge and anchoring of the new insights and skills acquired throughout the program. The yoga component amounts to 100 credits.


Yoga sessions will be organized in Dubai @ Just Be Holistic Center in Jumeira on a weekly basis as part of the package. Timings are to be determined and announced during the first opening module after agreement among the group. Online group calls can be organized for students who reside outside Dubai, as has been done for previous batches.

Let’s revisit the questions raised at the opening of this page and take it from there:

“Are you dealing with “sticky” inner blocks that have hindered your success and joy despite your best efforts?

Do you feel a heavy weight inside that you know is slowing you down from soaring high and “becoming” your highest potential?

Have you accumulated a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about yourself, your soul, and life that for some reason seem to remain “up there” in the mind rather than “in here”, in the body and in daily life?

If you resonate with these questions, the Self-Mastery Project I is THE program for you.”


This program is designed to bring up those parts of you that you have not claimed or processed yet, which, despite your consistent effort, could be still manifesting as an inherent lack of joy, overflowing sorrow, being over-critical of yourself and others, fluctuating levels of personal energy, and inability to move forward among other possibilities.

Unless and until those parts are claimed and processed, you may not have the energy level required to resonate with the high vibrational feelings of joy, peace, and compassion.

Without claiming and processing those aspects of yourself, you may not be anchored or centered enough to hold a space for a client, for students, or even friends and family, and thus feel burdened, overwhelmed, or even resentful towards those who seek your help.

If you have already been on the spiritual path for a while, you might have experienced ups and downs in your own consciousness, reaching the heights of awareness, only to fall back into the mundane troubles of life after a while. This potentially very frustrating process is in great part due to your exposure to higher consciousness and vibrations during workshops and healings without the systematic continuity and focus required to anchor the new knowledge or embed the new awareness at the deepest level of your being. This is one of the areas where the Self-Mastery project can make a huge difference for you.

This program specifically tackles this necessity, as you will be receiving year-round mentoring by the program facilitator to ensure the new knowledge from workshops and retreats sinks in, and that a spiritual muscle is being developed systematically. This set up also creates a platform for year-round engagement among a group of like-minded individuals walking the same path, sharing experiences and encouraging one another throughout the program not only during class time, but also outside through the SM whatsapp group and regular virtual meetings and activities.

However, none of the above will bear fruit without engaging the physical body in the process of spiritual growth. There is no spiritual work without body work. This is the root of this common feelings of “something missing” as a person advances in self awareness and spirituality. In fact, difficult emotions are stored and hidden in the body, and as long as the body is inactive the emotions are not brought up, and the person is likely to have a false sense of well-being. This program addresses this essential aspect by offering 104 hours of yoga to ensure an even deeper level of inner work and internal cleansing.

Considering the intense focus required and to ensure that every individual receives adequate personal attention the group size at any of the seminars, workshops and retreats of the Self Mastery Project will be 10-15 participants.

  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Mandatory Yoga Practice: weekly sessions will be designed to co-relate conceptual understanding with experience in the body for the group that opts in for the full year engagement.
  • Book reading assignments for discussion with the group online or face to face
  • Daily Journals
  • Dream Journals
  • Mandatory Coaching Sessions With Usha
  • Personal Project: application of the learned knowledge and techniques to a specific area of the participant’s life, working towards a specific tangible goal.
  • More than 500 hours per year of teaching, training and inner work in the most authentic spiritual disciplines, rooted in ancient text, brought to your door step here in Dubai
  • 12 workshops and retreats and over 104 hours of Yoga practice every year
  • A toolkit of frameworks and methods to work with the self and navigate life with more personal power and harmony
  • Tangible sustainable shifts in the inner feeling state, personality, and life circumstances of participants who complete 200 credits
  • Tangible change towards objectives in the area of life chosen for the personal project component
  • Year-long support and mentoring by the facilitator
  • 6 Coaching sessions by facilitator for each participant, to make sure they are able to process the inner content that’s revealed as the program progresses.
  • Access to Self-Mastery Whatsapp group for discussion and reflection
  • Priority access to all other Mischkat offerings throughout the program

Honoring participants’ commitment to the full program, and their trust in our work, we have applied a 40% discount on the total value of the workshops, retreats, coaching sessions and yoga package combined,

Therefore, the energy exchange for the full Self-Mastery Project I 2020/2021 is AED 25,000 Payable in 5 installments, inclusive of all components and materials, to be made according to the following schedule:


Payment 1 1 Feb 2020 AED 5000
Payment 2 1 May 2020 AED 5000
Payment 3 1 Aug 2020 AED 5000
Payment 4 1 Nov 2020 AED 5000
Payment 5 1 Feb 2021 AED 5000


Payment instructions will be shared with participants once they register for the full-year package.

The Self-Mastery Project I is the first of 3 Projects offered by Mischkat to achieve its core vision of bringing about sustained shifts in the consciousness of people and communities in this region.

It is the program that is seen as the foundation course for those with the calling to be healers and therapists. It will enable you to connect to all parts of yourself first and do deep inner work on all wounds that are carried so far away from your center, and introduce your body to physical discipline, in order for you to begin to be able to hold a healing space for others.

Once Project I is completed, you will be able to join Self-Mastery Project II: Teachers Training. It involves coaching, yoga training, transaction analysis, NLP, Gstat and intensified Reiki training to enable Project II graduates to be able to teach Self-Mastery Project I modules to others.

Upon completion of Project II, you will qualify to join Self-Mastery Project III: Therapist Training. This project is  a highly specialized training to equip participants with the skills needed to become a therapist, and hold a therapy space for individuals and groups.  At this level, we will be working with a group of highly skilled individuals who are in a place of compassion to help others as a life goal.

I attended Usha’s Anatomy of the Mind workshop, and I can only say that it was absolutely amazing! This was an enlightening workshop for me, it opened my eyes to many things and made me look forward to applying what I learned. Can’t wait to attend more sessions with Usha 🙂

Rasha AlSadhan, March 2019

About Anatomy of the Mind in the Self-Mastery Project, I was literally amazed, and even shocked to learn the mechanics of how we can boost our growth and shift our consciousness towards more prosperity and abundance in all areas of life. Thanks and Love you tons.

Omar Bondokhi, March 2019

Doing the self-mastery program has been the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I recommend it for those who want to face themselves once and for all instead of prolonging unhappiness, take ownership of their life, and experience something magical and sustainable. Read More.

Motaz, Dec 2018

Through the variety of subjects and tools introduced in the curriculum of Self Mastery I now not only have better understanding of myself and my action but also have tools to heel  both my soul and my physical body. Read More

Fathia, Nov 2018

I am happy I joined this program. Being on this journey was like holding a mirror in front of myself all the time and looking at the person I was avoiding the most (myself). Though difficult, it eventually it turned out to be very empowering and inspiring. Read More.

Elham, Dec 2018

The Self-Mastery Project is a cornerstone, an everlasting solid foundation for anyone who wishes to master his full being. It unveils the unseen or so far disregarded parts of who we are, the magical parts that are of the soul and its full power. Read More.

Georges, Dec 2018

Self-Mastery has been the most intimate encounter with myself in this life time. A deeply transformative process, very grounding, and very tangible. Read More

Nour, Oct 2018