Re-birthing Breathwork Retreat

Re-birthing Breathwork Retreat

An intensive residential training program in inner transformation

Why focus on the breath?


Modern scientists are now beginning to understand what yogis have known for centuries – the life force energy animating our physical bodies, the breath, goes beyond the physiological function of exchange of oxygen and carbon-di- oxide:

  • The breath is the physical symbol representing the direct and intimate connection between us and the Absolute Source.
  • The breath joins the physical body in the very first moment of our life signifying the presence of the Divine Source in the instrument of our body
  • The breath remains as our most intimate companion till the very last moment of our life
  • Our breath signifies the Universal Wisdom and Divine Love that flows through us in every moment of our life
  • The Life Force Energy carried by our breath has the Wisdom and the Power to identify our most resistant limitations; break down energy-blocks and hence release our highest potential


What is Rebirthing Breathwork?


Re-birthing Breathwork’ is a spiritual technique pioneered by Leonard Orr that employs a specific breathing approach to enable the person to address all events that form his or her belief system about the self and the world. Rebirthing Breathwork works at a level of the unconscious where traditional forms of counseling and therapy do not go.

It helps to acquaint people with a dimension of spiritual energy which they may not have previously experienced, even if they are trained healers in other spiritual modalities.

Rebirthing can be practiced in the context of a therapy session and taught over a series of sessions to those who wish to become “rebirthers”.


Some benefits of Re-birthing Breathwork that can be expected:


  • A powerful recharging and cleansing of all inner-systems
  • Breaking through barriers/ defenses between the conscious and the unconscious mind.
  • Awareness of and release of deep-rooted, toxic emotions associated with memories where personality-forming beliefs were made and lodged in the physical body
  • Enhancement in one’s ability to receive love/life-force energy and have the direct experience of letting it flow in. It provides a direct, replicate-able physical experience of Divine Love through the saturation of the body with Prana or Universal Life Force.
  • Rebirthed people have more and more experiences of telepathy, intuitive knowledge and increased creative ability
  • Significant increase in one’s physical energy; less need to sleep; a propensity for youthfulness as well as a movement towards longevity


Who can attend?


This workshop would be extremely beneficial for those with:

  • Muscle / Organ ailments, pains and disease (our physical body is a memory bank of our past)
  • Anxiety and Stress (anxiety and stress are merely symptoms of deeper emotions that are unprocessed)
  • Tiredness and lack of vitality (old, un-dealt-with emotions block energy channels)
  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances including chronic fatigue
  • Recurring patterns of argument and conflict in relationships, even lack of relationships
  • Low self-esteem and poor self-image; low self-worth that can result in ‘money-worth’ issues
  • Constant internal dialogue and habitual thought patterns i.e. LACK OF INNER PEACE & SERENITY
  • For people who are already practicing other therapeutic or healing modalities as this process can be integrated seamlessly into their existing practice




6-day residential retreat



Certified Rebirthing Breathwork Trainer and Facilitator

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