Re-birthing Breathwork One on one

Re-birthing Breathwork One on one

What is Rebirthing Breathwork?


Re-birthing Breathwork’ is a spiritual technique pioneered by Leonard Orr that employs a specific breathing approach to enable the person to address all events that form his or her belief system about the self and the world using the power of the “Breath”.

In the rebirthing context, the breath goes beyond the physiological function of exchange of oxygen and carbon-di- oxide. It is rather the physical manifestation of the flow of life force energy into the human body. It symbolizes the direct and intimate connection between us and the absolute source. It carries the intelligent life force energy needed to break down energy blocks and energize our highest potential.

Rebirthing Breathwork works at a level of the unconscious where traditional forms of counseling and therapy do not go. It helps to acquaint people with a dimension of spiritual energy which they may not have previously experienced, even if they are trained healers in other spiritual modalities.

During a Rebirthing therapy session, the facilitator will guide the client to use the breath to channel life force energy into the body for purposes of cleansing inner systems, recharging, breaking through barriers or defenses between the conscious and the unconscious, and releasing deep rooted toxic emotions associated with memories where personality-forming beliefs were made and lodged in the physical body.


benefits of Re-birthing Breathwork:


  • Enhancement in one’s ability to receive love/life-force energy and have the direct experience of letting it flow in. It provides a direct, replicate-able physical experience of Divine Love through the saturation of the body with Prana or Universal Life Force.
  • Rebirthed people have more and more experiences of telepathy, intuitive knowledge and increased creative ability
  • Significant increase in one’s physical energy; less need to sleep; a propensity for youthfulness as well as a movement towards longevity


Who can attend?


This session would be extremely beneficial for those with:

  • Muscle / Organ ailments, pains and disease (our physical body is a memory bank of our past)
  • Anxiety and Stress (anxiety and stress are merely symptoms of deeper emotions that are unprocessed)
  • Tiredness and lack of vitality (old, un-dealt-with emotions block energy channels)
  • Insomnia or other sleep disturbances including chronic fatigue
  • Recurring patterns of argument and conflict in relationships, even lack of relationships
  • Low self-esteem and poor self-image; low self-worth that can result in ‘money-worth’ issues
  • Constant internal dialogue and habitual thought patterns i.e. LACK OF INNER PEACE & SERENITY
  • For people who are already practicing other therapeutic or healing modalities as this process can be integrated seamlessly into their existing practice



Advanced Booking is Required
1-2 hours
Energy Exchange: AED 500