Eternal Validity of The Soul & Nature of Personal Reality

Eternal Validity of The Soul & Nature of Personal Reality

A Metaphysics Class

About the Seminar:


Our most basic understanding of reality is that we are born, we live and we die. But for many of us, this is not enough. We instinctively feel we are not here just to produce the next generation of humanity and live through our allotted number of years. Who am I? What am I? How did I come into existence? Who decided I should be here and now? These questions often haunt our thoughts.


Interestingly, after centuries of controversies between science and religion to explain the nature and purpose of human existence, quantum physics is getting close to what our ancient wisdom and philosophies have been alluding to from centuries. Physicist Professor Amit Goswami bridged the gap through his statement, “Energy, Consciousness and Matter are the same thing”.


In this seminar, this concept is expanded in full and addressed from a spiritual and metaphysical perspective by exploring the metaphysical laws that govern reality, as channelled from the spiritual entity Seth.


“It is only by comprehending the nature of this constant translation of thoughts and desires – not into words, but into physical objects – that you can realize your true independence from circumstance, time, and environment.”


This seminar will be informal and interactive. Theoretical concepts accompanied by guided exercises during the course of the workshop will help you process and assimilate the information acquired and understand how to apply them in your daily life. With this awareness of the “miracle” that is you, you will be able to better navigate, enhance and create your experiences in the physical realm.


“If you could perceive the miraculous nature of your own reality in this particular moment that you call the present, how dazzled you would be, and how little you would think in terms of purposes…What a rich, undefined miracle exists in each of your beings now! You look at paintings – or a poem – and call them great. If you could feel the miraculous structure of your own being now, and appreciate it, how you would wonder!”



Objectives of the Seminar:


  • To bridge the gap between our limited view of the self and the true self
  • To embark on an exploration of the metaphysical dimensions of our being – the nature, purpose and potential of the soul.
  • To include the perspectives offered by metaphysics and quantum physics with the experiences our physical reality such that enhances and enriches life.
  • To empower one to create with joy, spontaneity and abandon, a reality that suits one’s highest aspirations!


Topics covered:


  • Your Soul: Nature, Purpose and Potential
  • Sleep, Dreams and Consciousness
  • Death Experience
  • After Death and the Mechanics of Transition
  • Reincarnation – Probable self; Counterpart self
  • Your Thoughts Create Matter
  • Reality and Personal Beliefs
  • Conscious mind as carrier of beliefs – You create your reality
  • How to free your limitations
  • Natural and Artificial Guilt – Good and Evil
  • Betterment of your life and the new structuring of your beliefs



2 full days or 4 half days



Passionate researcher and teacher of Seth teachings and their underlying metaphysical laws and concepts.

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10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Energy Exchange: AED 1600

Reduced rates apply when taken as part of the Self-Mastery Project I package