Human Process Labs

Human Process Labs

In a human process laboratory, a group of around 8 to 12 participants work together along with one or more facilitator(s), to explore human processes and discover more about themselves, their strengths, their styles, their interpersonal and group interactions, how they perceive others and in turn perceived by them. The ultimate purpose is to move individuals from a operating out of competitive human behaviors (proving a point, having the last word, power struggles, etc) into a collaborative behavior out of deeper understanding of the self and its behavioral patterns.


As the name implies (i.e. lab), there is no pre-determined agenda and the group uses the “here and now” experience to derive this learning, using every member as a resource. By not telling participants what to expect in a contained space, we are creating a small sample of the ambiguity and uncertainty of real life, and then observing what kind of feelings get triggered and what behaviors start to surface, so that they can be understood and processed within the group.


This kind of organizational intervention has been around for the past 80 years around the world, but is yet to come to the Middle East region. Mischkat is honored to bring this deep transformative work to Dubai for the first time through its highly-experienced program designer and facilitator, Mrs. Usha.


When is a human process lab needed? 


A human process lab is particularly useful in organizational situations where there is:

  • Power struggles
  • Authority issues: employees who have constant fights with their superiors
  • Struggles in leadership style
  • Challenges due to diversity
  • Gender-related work issues




The Basic Lab on Human Processes provides a learning opportunity where the participants can:

  • Become aware of their own patterns of behavior
  • Know the impact of their behavior on others
  • Know the impact of others’ behavior on themselves
  • Uncover unconscious processes that impact day-to-day interactions and cause challenges
  • Improve their effectiveness in interpersonal interactions to derive greater mutual satisfaction
  • Discover their potential to live more effectively and meaningfully
  • Build competency in personal effectiveness and making it available for organizational and societal growth and development. Participants in ISABS labs are likely to become more sensitive to their and others’ feelings, needs and behaviours as well as understand their own and others’ behaviour more clearly.


who should attend?


This introductory lab is for all individuals who are interested in enhancing interpersonal effectiveness and competence and exploring their potential.

·      Operations Managers and Executives
·      HRD, Training, Personnel and Industrial Relations Professionals
·      Marketing, Sales and Client Servicing Professionals
·      Team or Group leaders and coordinators
·      TQM and ISO Supervisors
·      Counsellors and Therapists
·      School and University Faculty
·      Professionals from NGOs, rural development, voluntary and social service organizations



Program Structure:


 The program is structured to be a 4-day retreat completely built on experiential learning, with each day comprising 6 hours of deep behavioral and process work. It should ideally be a residential retreat, so that employees fully disconnect from their daily routines and lives, and have the space to delve within themselves and enable true transformation.


The program is designed to eliminate any air of formality, with floor seating, eliminating hierarchy and breaking down all walls that inhibit the flow of communication in group dynamics.