Business Constellation

Business Constellation

About constellations:  


In any space, there are several factors/energies that contribute to that space. These energies belong to people, or factors, or entities (eg. Partners, stake-holders, senior managers, culture, hierarchy, order of authority etc.). All of these entities and people come together in a certain context in that space. The cumulative effect of all these energies, determine what happens and the quality of what happens in that space.

In a constellation, we bring in these different factors/people, and get to see their location in that space relative to each other and the pattern that emerges. The pattern that shows up is what we call a constellation. These constellations can be set up in the context of a family or an organization/business.

In a Business/Organization Constellation, once an initial pattern emerges, the business owner gets an idea, or a real time picture, almost like an x-ray, of how the various factors impact each other. During a business constellation session, by moving these factors around, we are able to arrive at the most suitable scenario, and decide what factors need to be removed or added and uncover the healthiest scenario for that business.

Business or Organisational Constellations reveal hidden dynamics in key areas such as leadership, conflict resolution, relationships between stakeholders or between founders and their successors, culture change, management of innovation & organisational restructuring.




The business owner gets an idea about what direction he may have to take, how to move some of these factors, so that he places his business in the healthiest possible position energetically.

The session involves the study of the existing pattern, and the changes that need to be made to arrive at a healthiest final pattern.


Practical Uses for Business/Organizational Constellations:


  • Defining a strategy for an organization
  • Verifying the consistency of a structure within an organization
  • Preparing negotiations
  • Preparing for restructuring or integration after restructuring
  • Integration after merging or acquiring an organization, company or business
  • Project management
  • Project assessments or creating a new company
  • Company operational diagnosis
  • Management of conflicts within an organization
  • Clarifying the client’s own place in the organization / company
  • Supporting decision-making in all the business areas
  • As an approaching tool in dysfunctional organisations structure
  • Seeing the systemic “interactive” effects in different company departments
  • Testing the efficiency of important steps or changes in an organisation
  • Trying different possibilities, “a test run”: “Should I do this, or that, or perhaps something else?
  • Supplying additional forms of analysing complex entanglements of business, about family issues in family companies and/or to find ways and solutions of handing business to the next generation
  • As a supervision tool for coaches or consultants: focusing especially in the consultant, so he can better deal with the request of the client.


Target Client:


  • Business owner who is experiencing some kind of block or stagnation in their business despite all their efforts
  • Senior management who would like to explore the dynamics in their teams and departments
  • Any owner or member of a business or an organization whose role involves matters as stated in the previous section


Expected outcomes:


  • This process gives an idea about the nature of energies involved in the business, how they impact each other, and what shifts and changes need to be made in the existing structure/order/ hierarchy so that the business can achieve the desired outcome. It would be then left with the client to execute the recommendations that emerge from this process.
  • The process offers the client the opportunity to look “behind the scenes” or “under the surface” and understand the undercurrents that are at play. The real advantage is that we are able to see the patterns at the energetic level, and check how these energies can be moved around so that all energies involved are aligned and represent the best possible scenario for the business.
  • Inputs from this process will enable the client to make real time shifts and changes in their existing structure in all spheres of the business.
  • The advantage over regular business consultancy is that this process works with an inside-outside approach which is the bottom line for all sustainable change. This process complements other conventional organization-development plans and strategies by giving the client the additional perspective of invisible dynamics that could either bolster or derail the conventional interventions.


Duration & Methodology:


We are offering business constellations in two sessions over two days:

  • Session One: Trans-generational healing/Family Constellation Therapy with business as the theme
  • Session Two: Business constellation



Experienced conductor of energy-based constellation therapy for individuals and organizations.

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May vary depending on the nature of the business and the depth of intervention the client requires.