Wellness through Yoga – Feedback Form

Wellness through Yoga – Feedback Form

Welcome to Shravi's "Wellness through Yoga"" Feedback Page.

We care to hear from you about your experience in the online engagement you have recently completed with Shravi. 

We also would be most grateful if you would elaborate about your feelings and takeaways in the Testimonial section below, as this would be most valuable in helping to spread the word about this work so that it reaches those who need it most and so that we can showcase its value to the community of inner work enthusiasts locally and abroad. 

1. How do you rate your overall satisfaction with your experience in this engagement? *
2. What have been the main takeaways for you from this program?
3. How did you find the delivery style of the facilitator?
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5. How can we improve this program in the future?
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If your answer is "Yes", we would be honored to receive your recordings through email to info@mischkat.com.We are very grateful for your willingness to contribute to making this work known 🙂