Self-Mastery Project 1 – Eligibility Criteria

Self-Mastery Project 1 – Eligibility Criteria

Through the Self-Mastery Project 1 engagement, Mischkat offers a 12-month engagement of inner work for people who have a deep interest and commitment to achieving sustained personal transformation and empowerment. It is an intense comprehensive system of work on all levels of one’s being: mind, energy, and body. Hence, it requires full presence, genuine interest and willingness to be there and be open to the process and its many gifts.


Requirements for Admissions

Applicants should meet the following criteria if there is to be a good fit with the program and its nature:

  • Sincere interest in personal development and transformation throughout the program and beyond
  • Commitment to holding space as part of the group, while observing privacy and confidentiality of all other participants
  • Ability to maintain personal and professional boundaries
  • Fluency in English as the language of instruction (reading, writing, and conversation)
  • A strong sense of self and a good basis of support (friends, family, colleagues, and/or community) on entering this program.
  • Ability to benefit from the program as expressed in the information gathered in the application process, including the personal interview, application form, and references.

This list of criteria for admission is not comprehensive, but it gives a broad sense of how the selection process happens.

The Selection Process

Given the deep and intense nature of the process of Self-Mastery, we reserve the right to accept only the applicants who demonstrate the ability to commit, be present, fully receive and contribute to the deep healing processes and sudden life-changing perspective shifts. The final decision regarding admission is in no way a judgement of the caliber of candidates. The screening process aims only at finding participants who are a good fit for the program.

Non-refundable Application Fees

Upon receiving the applications, considerable effort goes into application evaluation, reference communication and managing admission interviews. Therefore, application fees are NOT refundable, even in the event that you are not granted admission.

Informed consent

By clicking “Submit on the Self-Mastery Project 1 application form, I consent to enter into the application process described above, and I accept the decision of the Self-Mastery team regarding my application.