Self- Mastery Project – Bonus Modules Survey

Self- Mastery Project – Bonus Modules Survey

Hello Self-Mastery Group...

Based on the group discussion in Sunday's afternoon call, it was decided that two bonus modules are to be held between now and the time when we would be able to meet in person for the Chakras module, hopefully in June 2021. 

For now, the 3 options to choose 2 from are:

  • Option 1: More Seth explorations (4 evenings as less than that does not allow the Seth material to sink in)
  • Option 2: Human Process Lab - Shadows theme (this option requires 4 Full days + minimum 7 participants + might imply additional cost for hiring a facilitator along side Usha since the process requires 2 facilitators. Additional cost would be around AED 1500 +/- per participant.)
  • Option 3: All SM Modules Recap + Applications(4 evenings)

This survey will help us gauge the majority interest and availability of the group members for these modules, and will attempt to arrive at more suitable timing of @Cafe Mischkat gatherings. A second survey will be circulated based on the results of this one, to explore specific date/timing options of the two most voted for bonus SM modules. 

May we arrive at the dates and timings that are most beneficial to all. Let’s Begin:


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1. Based on the description and duration requirement clarified above, which 2 bonus Self Mastery modules do you prefer to have over the upcoming 6 weeks or so (i.e. between now and the time when we will meet again for the Chakras module sometime in June 2021 hopefully)?
4. Which of the following Days/Timings combinations would work for you for the @Cafe Mischkat meetups every two weeks? The purpose of these meet ups is to keep the Self-Mastery community in touch and engaged in contemplative and reflective conversations throughout the remainder of this program and afterwards.
If none of the options above work, please recommend a timing that works for the group, keeping in mind that working members can't meet up before 6:00 pm on weekdays including Saturday, while other members would like to be with family most of the weekends:
5. Please include here your thoughts for what, other than contemplative conversations, you'd like @Cafe Mischkat to include or cover in its bi-weekly gatherings