Q&A With Usha

Q&A With Usha

An Initiative for Transgenerational Healing & Self-Mastery Alumni Communities

A joint initiative between Sacred Paths in India and Mischkat in Dubai, this is the space where members of the Transgenerational Healing Community and the Self-Mastery Alumni community around the world are encouraged to ask questions and remain engaged with Usha.

Questions received through this form will be shared with Usha, and her answers will be shared with the community through various media. Depending on the demand on a certain topic, the response could be in a video recording, an article, or a detailed post on social media pages.

We encourage you to re-visit this link and submit your questions whenever they arise in your mind.

Please allow some time after submitting the question. It is our intention to compile the questions and organize them for Usha during the last week of every month, so that we have her responses ready for sharing by the beginning of the month after.

By sharing your question, you are contributing to the creation and dissemination of valuable helpful knowledge and perspectives that could help many others. However, if you need to connect to us for an urgent or pressing issue, please use more direct communication channels.

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