ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA in Arabic

ThetaHealing® Advanced DNA in Arabic

About the Seminar:


The Advanced ThetaHealing Seminar is the next step after completing the ThetaHealing Basic DNA Seminar. It is in fact an expansion on the information and concepts introduced in the Basic Seminar.


Students will get an in-depth understanding of the Seven Planes of Existence. They will experience the energy of all the planes through various exercises. They will learn how to use the energy of creation to heal the broken soul, send healing to the baby in the womb, and they will master belief work and feeling downloads.


Students will work in pairs to clear old resentments, vows, and commitments that hold them back. The Instructor will download a significant amount of new positive feelings on all students, which will bring profound healing and enlightenment to them.


Once completed, the student will be fully equipped to start doing ThetaHealing work on clients. It will also become possible to explore the possibility of beginning the journey to become a ThetaHealing Instructor.


At Mischkat, this seminar is taught in Arabic language by the Certificate of Science Instructor who was approved by THInK to translate the manual to Arabic.


Outcomes & Deliverables:


This class will graduate you as a ThetaHealing Practitioner.


You will receive a certificate from the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, Owned by Vianna Stibal, Founder of the ThetaHealing Modality.


You will also receive the Advanced  ThetaHealing® Manual in Arabic. You will also receive the Advanced ThetaHealing® Book in English if you are an English speaker. If you speak only Arabic, there is no Arabic version of the book at the moment.




Basic DNA 




Included in this course is coffee, tea, healthy snacks, nuts, and fruits for two breaks.

Lunch can be ordered separately by the students and delivered to the venue.




A 3-Day Seminar



Certificate of Science ThetaHealing Instructor and Approved Translator of TH Basic and TH Advanced manuals into Arabic.

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10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thu 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Energy Exchange: AED 1850

Early bird fee AED 1700 by Aug 31st, 2017