Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) Personal Awareness

Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) Personal Awareness

 About the Workshop


The Existential Universe Mapper (EUM) Self-awareness workshop is a full day workshop in which participants will learn and apply the EUM-I framework developed by Reflexive Senses Consulting, a tool that enables an exploration and mapping of the individual’s identity and role-taking tendencies in the context of their lives to offer highly valuable insights to tap into their unrealized potentials. 

Unlike other corporate personality typing and assessment tools, the EUM framework takes a holistic approach – its origins tracing back to Clare Grave’s work on the levels of existence. It is far more comprehensive as it factors in not only the psychological location of participants, but it also:


  • Investigates their relationships to their larger contexts, offering insights into their membership in familial systems, institutions, organizations, and society at large. 
  • Examines direction/choices for the future, and anticipated blocks and impediments


EUM-I does not not view the person as an entity whose patterns of existence are “given”, but rather seeks to understand the individual as evolving and responsive to the context. The purpose is not eliminating deficiencies or limitations, but expanding one’s awareness of the potential that “I can be more than who I am today”. 


Outcomes & Takeaways


  • Enables you to realize the way you see yourself and your context, revealing the movements that you are seeking for yourself
  • Helps you understand how the multiple aspects within you are presently configured, so that you can chart a path to harnessing your unrealized potential.
  • Gain a non-judgmental acceptance of different parts within the self and how they are presently configured, and how this configuration is influencing one’s relationship with others in areas such as authority, systems, structure, roles, etc.   
  • Get in touch with your inherent capacity for change. See yourself as dynamic and filled with potential. 




  • Assumptions and philosophical underpinnings of the EUM framework
  • Contemplative conversations to gain in depth understanding of the Universes (building blocks of the EUM module)
  • A theme-based report that highlights your areas of comfort, challenge, areas for reflection and how you are viewed by the world.
  • Discussion of applications




Confirmed participants are required to complete an online survey at least 2 weeks prior to workshop date so that results can be analyzed and personalized reports can be prepared by workshop date.


The online assessment, report generated, and the framework used as the basis of discussion in this workshop are the intellectual property of Reflexive Lenses Consulting (P) Limited, an organization dedicated to the dissemination of the EUM framework, to ongoing development of the various EUM instruments and to equipping people all over the world to deploy these instruments in their work with themselves, other people, and systems. 







A full-day workshop



Certified Behavioral Analyst – Proception 2 – DISC, Transactional Analyst, and Gestalt Therapist

Full Profile


Just Be Holistic Center – Jumeira
June 2020

Dates TBD

10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Energy Exchange: AED 1,050

Inclusive of the online assessment and personalized report fee of AED 250. Rate is reduced when taken as part of the Self-Mastery Project I package.


Disclaimer: The image used for this workshop is an adaptation of a beautiful photograph by US photographer Ryan Stout.