Dreamwork Session with Nour

Dreamwork Session with Nour

Why Dreamwork?


At Mischkat, we believe that dreams are the rawest, most untampered, direct communication from the deep psyche, or the Soul. It is our belief that examination of the dreams that are sent to us from the inner portions of the Self is a very powerful tool of achieving transformation towards more wellbeing, authenticity, and joy.

Dreams come to us carrying precious gifts of wisdom, offering solutions to our life’s challenges, warning of events that could transpire if change is not adopted, informing of inner happenings, and even offering healing and catharsis at time. Hence dreamwork is seen as another path of inner work and guidance on the journey of self-exploration.



What Happens During the Session?


Nour is trained in a method called DreamSynergy, designed and patented by Justina Lasley, who is the founder of the Institute of Dream Studies in the US.


During a session, Nour will take you through a process of examining every aspect of the dream, re-living it, and discovering the wealth of messages it is carrying for you. There are no pre-determined direct interpretations or symbol translation in this approach. It is a dynamic process that works with your own mind to help you make meaning of your own dream using tried and tested exercises from the DreamSynergy process.


Who is dreamwork for?


  • If you are a prolific dreamer who is unable to link the dots of how your dreams relate to your waking reality
  • If you have recurring dreams that are getting your attention but not making direct sense to you
  •  If you experience nightmares and would like to know why they come and what they are trying to tell you
  • If you have reached a point of stuck-ness on your inner exploration or spiritual journey and would like to attempt a new path
  • If you are generally trapped in the mind and unable to access your emotions. Dreamwork is a very potent approach to unveil your emotional content and make it visible to you.
  • If you are generally curious and interested in the realm of dreams



A certified dreamwork professional with solid background in healing and metaphysics

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