Nour Al Nahas

Nour Al Nahas

Founder of Mischkat

Nour is founder of Mischkat, a center offering seminars, workshops, and one-on-ones in the areas of authentic healing and mental-emotional wellbeing, based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Together, with her teacher and partner, Usha, Nour aims to contribute to providing people with the knowledge, the tools, and the energetic space for them to step into their full inner power and lead healthier happier lives, resulting in happier homes, communities and ultimately societies on our planet.

Nour was introduced to the field of spirituality and the disciplines of inner work through the Thetahealing technique taught by Vianna Stibal, a mediation technique that takes the brain to a theta-state to enable connection to the energy of creation, consciousness, to create physical healings and manifestations. With a burning passion to explore higher truths about existence and the dynamics of life on earth, Nour eagerly finished all Thetahealing practitioner’s courses between 2011 and 2013, and took off to the United states to attend the Instructor Training. She received her Masters in Thetahealing, followed by the ThetaHealing Certificate of Science in September 2013.

All through that time, Nour has been holding a government position with the Prime Minister’s Office, where she was able to take part and manage several projects that have touched and helped improve the lives of millions. Such projects include launching and managing the Arab Reading Challenge which managed to embed reading as a habit for millions of Arab children, launching the philanthropic organization of Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives serving millions of people in need, launching the Mohammed bin Rashid Library aimed at supporting education and translation throughout the Arab world, as well as several philanthropic yearly campaigns targeting the Arab and Muslim world. Grateful as she could be for the chance to have served on such a scale, Nour felt a burning urge to make a move towards her true passion: empowering individuals to create good happy lives for themselves by themselves through self-knowledge and mastery.

Having attended the magical experience of Usha’s Transgenerational Healing workshops several times between 2011 and 2016, Nour found very deep truth in Usha’s teachings and healing approach. She set out to become Usha’s apprentice and resolved to enable her deeply transformative and grounded approach to spirituality and inner work in the region, giving birth to Mischkat in 2017. Since then, Nour has walked the path of the Self-Mastery Project I in 2018, and has been aiding Usha in delivery of Transgenerational Healing workshops and the Self-Mastery Project, as well as ideation and execution of several healing campaigns.

In 2021, Nour found her way to the mystical world of dreamwork for inner transformation. She completed a full year program of dream studies designed and run by Justina Lasely in the US as part of the Institute of Dream Studies. Through working with dreams, Nour have

Nour is still walking the path of self-exploration and empowerment, but she has set out to put into use all the skills she has acquired, in healing, translation, and campaign management, to make Mischkat’s vision a reality.


  • Life Coaching Certification from InnerLifeSkills in South Africa – In Progress
  • Professional Dreamwork Certification from the Institute of Dream Studies (IDS), USA (2022)
  • Reiki Mastership (2018)
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator (2017)
  • Certificate of Science from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, Idaho Falls, USA (2011-2013)
    1. Basic DNA Instructors
    2. Advanced DNA Instructors
    3. Intuitive Anatomy Instructors
    4. DNA 3 Instructors
    5. Game of Life Instructors
    6. Disease and Disorder Instructors
    7. Rhythm to a Perfect weight Instructors
    8. Manifesting and Abundance Instructors
    9. Soul Mate Instructors
    10. Rainbow Children Instructors
    11. World Relations Instructors
    12. Dig Deeper Instructors
    13. Planes of Existence Instructors
    14. Family ties – Practitioner
  • Master’s of Business Administration from American University in Sharjah
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Management information systems, minor in Computer Science