Develop and nurture coaching competencies towards a more anchored self-motivated highly productive organizational talent.

Create a Coaching Culture.

About Mischkat

Just like a niche in a wall helps amplify a lantern’s light, Mischkat is in the business of holding the space for individuals – and through them the organizations – to allow their inner potential to get expanded and empowered on the job and at home, towards happier, more productive and more balanced communities.



Mischkat was conceived in the minds of its founders out of a deeply rooted desire to help ignite the self-authoring & self-transforming powers of people’s minds to create happier individuals, and therefore happier homes, communities, and ultimately societies in the Arab region and on the planet.



Provide a platform through which powerful and deeply transformative organizational intervention tools can be brought to the UAE and the region to help our clients address the human-factor related challenges. Our programs are designed to achieve sustainable shifts towards releasing the full potential of corporate talent using an inside-out approach.



Coaching Programs
One-on-one engagements
Group Dynamics Workshops
Wellbeing Programs

Mischkat set out to achieve its vision by serving 3 main segments:

Government and Semi-Government

Organizational Development programs themed around happiness, leadership and entrepreneurial spirit customized for the specific needs and challenges faced by each government entity


Coaching programs, one-on-one coaching engagements, innovative styled group process labs, and wellbeing programs to address the challenges related to the human-factor and talent management faced by companies


Coaching and Training Programs to build talent management capacity, as well as diagnostic tools to help business owners identify and resolve the factors that could be hindering the success of their business.



Anuradha Ramesh – Anuradha is the founder of Pink Mist Retreat, Hyderabad, India – a centre for personal consultation and self-development, learning and healing. She is also a founder-associate of Mischkat, Dubai, UAE.

Anuradha a.k.a Usha has spent almost two decades in the field of human behavioural science and science of consciousness and offers her services as an organizational consultant, leadership facilitator and as an accredited coach ACC as per ICF (International Coach Federation) .

Anuradha’s personal interest is in the field of human behavioural processes and she has extended this inquiry in the direction of understanding the metaphysical dynamics on one hand and inter/intra personal dynamics and group dynamics (inclusion/exclusion; power and authority; diversity; leadership) on the other hand, which has added a powerful edge and made her very effective in team and group coaching.

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Noor Al Nahas

Nour al Nahas is Founder and CEO of Mischkat, a former project manager at the Prime Minister’s Office in the UAE, with 9 years of experience in project management , public relations, stakeholder relations, and strategy development and execution.

With a burning passion for self development, healing, and coaching, and with her background in several personal healing modalities, Nour started Mischkat with a unique team of highly experienced and internationally certified corporate coaches, healing facilitators and Yoga instructors to bring out tangible sustainable shifts towards happier more productive communities not only in the UAE, but in our entire region.


  • Certificate of Science from ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, Idaho Falls, USA.
  • Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator
  • Reiki 2nd Degree Practitioner
  • Master’s of Business Administration from American University in Sharjah
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